Nuno net

My early experiments with nuno felt included lace, which wasn’t very successful. Now I know why.

On Wednesday I started a piece of nuno using net as the fabric base. My tutor explained that, although the net has a very open weave, there are no fabric fibres for the wool to cling to, unlike with cotton or silk. So you have to apply the merino on both sides to allow the wool fibres to matt together through the net – this is what holds them on. When I tried to felt the lace, I laid the wool out on only one side – no wonder it didn’t work very well.

So I laid out the wool on both sides of a piece of burgundy net and rubbed and rolled it until it held together (pictures below).

Nuno net

Nuno net

In a couple of weeks, after half term, I’m going to tie it up, wrap it around a pole and steam it, to produce a pleated effect. My tutor calls this ‘cooked shibori’, applying it to felt rather than dye. Should be an interesting result.


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