Successful Tip Top Table Sale

The first ever Tip Top Table Sale in the White Lion in Streatham got off to a quiet start. The space, a long low room with a wooden floor and windows along one side, was rather nice, and there were also a couple of tables in the courtyard outside. It was an interesting mix of stalls, from cakes and jewellery to crafts, cosmetics and second-hand clothes and shoes – everyone was very friendly.

We were starting to wonder whether we could pipe in some music to liven the place up a bit. But then Ms Tip Top (aka Joyce) and her friends stood outside the pub madly handing out flyers, encouraging people to come in. And it worked – for me, anyway. I sold some eyeglass cases, a felt purse and a felt starfish. And I also got a commission for an eyeglass case from one of the other stallholders – thank you Maria of Plastic Seconds!

The sale will be held every Sunday from now on. I hope it succeeds – it’s a nice atmosphere and raises money for the Music4Children charity as well. Plus the stallholders all got delicious cake at the end from Cakings. What more could we ask for?!


4 thoughts on “Successful Tip Top Table Sale”

  1. Hi Kim, Glad to hear that you had a more successful day than we did the first time. I did a stall too yesterday at Lauderdale House. I only sold one thing but I was demonstrating and got lots of potential useful contacts and interest. Several people asked if I could teach workshops!! Watch this space!!! Tess

  2. Tess – that’s great news! I’m starting to think that fairs and stalls are as much about making contacts as about selling things – I met some great people at Tip Top. (Of course, it’s a useful bonus if you make enough at least to cover your costs!)

    See you Wednesday.


    1. Hi Maria,

      Thanks so much for your link. Unfortunately I didn’t think about taking photos – too excited by the first sale!

      I’ve noticed while on holiday that “big” sunglasses are very popular, so I definitely need to extend my product range! Your case will be the first thing I work on when I get back.

      Speak soon,

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