Tip Top Table Sale tomorrow

After an exciting and eventful holiday, it’s rather relaxing to be back home, making felt and embroidery. Tomorrow I’ll be back at the Tip Top Table Sale at the White Lion in Streatham, 12-5pm. I’ve made some more felt purses, and some larger eyeglass cases for those who like the Jackie O/Victoria Beckham big frames.

It’s a very friendly crowd – and free! As well as crafts, cosmetics and jewellery, there are also delicious cakes and second-hand clothes. And it raises money for charity. So come and say hello tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Tip Top Table Sale tomorrow”

  1. those felt purses are wonderfull and good idea to make larger eyeglass cases!!
    I am wishing you a very successful day tomorrow ….it will be fun anyway to exchange ideas with other ,,crafty-people,, !
    Silvia from Turkey

    1. Thank you Silvia! June has shown me videos and photos of your work – I love the way you recycle cassette tapes into bags – I might try that myself.

      Hope your coming season in Turkey is a success!

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