Nuno felt with an electric sander

A friend of mine dropped in the other evening and ended up buying one of my scarves for another of her friends as a birthday present. As she hummed and hawed over which colour to choose, I suddenly realised that all my colour combinations are quite dark, probably because they suit my colouring and my preferences.

So, given how summery the weather has been recently, I thought I should make a few lighter, pastel-coloured scarves. And it would be a chance to see whether using the electric sander makes any difference on nuno felt.

So I laid out the wool on one side of the net, wetted it, turned it over, and laid the wool out on the other side. Then I sandwiched the whole scarf in bubble wrap, but instead of rubbing by hand I used the electric sander directly on the bubble wrap. First I sanded vertically for five seconds per patch, then horizontally, again for five seconds each time. I did this on both sides of the scarf, then rolled it, washed and rinsed as usual.

I’m happy to report that the sanding worked a treat. It knocked at least half an hour off the making time, as well as being much less stressful on my back. However, it is very noisy – I shall have to make myself some felt earplugs!

Just don’t tell ESP I’ve been using his sander again.

Finished scarf with shibori pleats

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