Felt dyed with indigo

I did have a go at dyeing a scrap of felt with indigo in class last term, but it didn’t work very well. The felt was red synthetic, which my tutor Debby said should work, but although the felt turned slightly darker, the shibori stitching I’d done on it barely showed up at all.

Felt before dyeing

I had a small sample of striped felt at home from some experiments in making felt coasters, so I thought I’d have another go dyeing felt with indigo. The sample was made from merino wool and was all white on one side and striped on the other.

Felt after stitching

I stitched some parallel rows across the felt using cotton embroidery floss, wet it thoroughly, then pulled the threads up tight and tied them off. Then I left the felt in the indigo for five minutes.

Felt after dyeing and stiches removed

This was a lot more successful – maybe the wool content makes a difference? Or maybe the indigo vat in class was a bit weak (though it worked fine on the cotton calico samples). I think this could work really well on a larger scale as a scarf. The other, plain side looks quite good too.

Reverse side of felt

The “chromosome” effect that’s so obvious on calico is much less evident here, probably because the felt is much thicker.


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