Manly scarves

My best customer (thank you Magdalen!) suggested the other day that I make some scarves suitable for men. What – you mean men don’t like wearing delicate nuno-felted net scarves?  😉

So yesterday I made a sample scarf of nuno felt on muslin. It’s based on the idea inspired by Audley Harrison’s shirt – and you can’t get more manly than that!


4 thoughts on “Manly scarves”

  1. So you’re not a man? Just checking, as I know that Hilary can be a man’s name too. 😉

    I wore it last night myself, so I think we can safely regard it as unisex!

  2. I’ve been thinking about manly scarves too and made an attempt earlier this fall. I still think it turned out a bit too girly. Think you did a much better job on yours! I will have another go at the manly stuff though!

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