Slippers – the final word!

So here they are – the final slippers!

felt slippers

Because they are slightly too big for me, I put them on my stall at Brixton Makers’ Market on Saturday to see whether someone might buy them. They attracted a surprising amount of interest – and someone very nearly did buy them, but they turned out to be too small.

Several people asked if I made them in different sizes but didn’t want to commit to ordering a bespoke pair – they wanted to see pairs in different sizes and try them on first. So now I’m in a bit of dilemma – is the demand great enough to make it worth buying foot lasts in different sizes? Also, the weather is (hopefully) going to start warming up, so cosy felt slippers may not be so popular.

However, I know that Chrissie Day makes very pretty felt ballet pumps, so this could be an option for lighter spring/summer footwear.


7 thoughts on “Slippers – the final word!”

  1. Flextiles –go for it I had thriving customer base in London for felted ballet pumps and if you want to take on the mantle an d put your spin on them then do so with my blessing.

    I have loads of pattern blocks so give me an email I WILL HELP ANYWAY I can,they are a great item to sell and also experiment with the many differing techniques you appear to be learning .Good luckC

  2. Hi Kim
    they are really eyecatchers !!! love them……well done !!
    Silvia from TR….weather stormy, a lot of powercuts, no tel. and no internet,
    like good old days…..wonderfull !!!…ok today.
    Happy Valentineday !!!

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