Shibori felt in the washing machine

This week I’ve been continuing my work on adding texture to 3D felt forms, this time by using traditional shibori stitching and tying techniques and then fulling the felt in the washing machine.

This was a small red felt bowl stitched before fulling, and after:

With this small blue bowl I also used overstitching but didn’t pull it as tightly as the red one. I also stretched it out more while it was still damp after fulling in the washing machine. But I think the most interesting texture is actually on the inside:

Then I took a felt vessel I’d made previously that was a bit squashy, cut a hole in it, and tied some marbles in it.

Doesn’t it remind you of a turtle?! 🙂 It also looks interesting inside out:

Finally, I added some embroidery to my cratered pot. Now it looks like some alien Celtic sea creature!


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