Blue moons

I wasn’t going to do any textile stuff  today, as I had loads of work to get through. But then my internet connection seriously started playing up, so I took that as a sign that the indigo goddesses were telling me to abandon my desk and head for the vat for an hour. And it was a beautiful sunny day, after all. 🙂

This week on our course we’re playing with moons and stars. So here are a few moons I tried out.


From left to right:
1. Single moon on very sheer unbleached muslin
2. Three dips, with one moon added each time
3. Three moons on pre-dyed sky fabric (my favourite)
4. Three moons on pre-dyed pale blue fabric, with (not very) successful attempt at overlapping moons in the middle.

I’ll probably be trying more of these on some different fabrics. And the stars still beckon…


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