Shibori dragonfly and ombre

I haven’t had much time recently to concentrate on being creative. I’ve found from experience that if I try to rush through something in a couple of hours, it inevitably goes wrong and I end up wasting time and materials, so I might as well have done something else. Also – understandably – when ESP is on holiday he wants to go out and do things rather than sit and watch me making felt! 😉

So over Easter we visited a couple of exhibitions – David Hockney at the Royal Academy (absolutely brilliant) and the Hajj exhibition at the British Museum, which contained some impressive embroidered textiles.

This morning I finally found some time to tackle some of the lessons from the online shibori course – stitching a dragonfly and trying some ombre dyeing (graded colour).

Both these pieces were dyed with indigo on linen, dipped several times.

I also tried some ombre dyeing on a cheap scarf I bought in a charity shop for 99p. I don’t even know what it’s made of, but it has a very open weave. I folded it several times, and dipped it in a couple of different dilutions of indigo.


7 thoughts on “Shibori dragonfly and ombre”

  1. The Hajj exhibition at the British Museum
    was fantastic wasn’t? I went on the members evening the other week…just amazing. Love your work on herex lynda

    1. Lynda – the exhibition was fascinating. I learnt a lot about Mecca and the Hajj, and the embroidery was beautiful. And it certainly attracted a rather different demographic from the BM’s normal clientele – lots of Muslim school groups when I went.

      I did, however, think that some of the information about the role of the Saudi royal family was a little, um, glossy. Mustn’t upset the sponsors!

    1. Who are you calling a witch? 😉 I’d have thought with all your stitching experience you’d be fine.

      If you want something quicker, try itajime – using clamps with resists. Glenis produces some amazing mandalas and stars using this technique.

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