The good news is that it didn’t rain last night. Because it was so humid, Morley Gallery decided to set up the bar in the garden, rather than having lots of visitors crammed inside and getting hotter and hotter. It was much more refreshing outside, but it did mean that I missed a couple of visitors who came to the private view and didn’t see the signs to the drinks in the garden.

Here are a couple of photos of work by my fellow students in the exhibition. I did take a lot more, but the light was fading by then, so apologies to everyone else!

Elaine’s bag started life as an incredibly intricate paper cut of fish, which she used as a stencil in the heat press and then embroidered
Eileen’s screen printed and embroidered hat was inspired by a “bearded man” vase she saw at the V&A

The bad news is that the leaves on my bamboo have started shrivelling already. I didn’t put the bamboo into jars of water, so it can only get worse as the week goes on!

However, there were still a lot of positive comments, so hopefully it won’t matter too much.

The other bad news is that my pots didn’t get selected for the V&A. 😦


4 thoughts on “News”

  1. Your work is far to(*} modern for exhibition at V&A and, although I looked very carefully, there is not one image of the Royal Family on your work.
    * never can remember the rule of when to use ‘to’ or ‘too’ or ‘two’ or ‘tu’. I think one is a Mexican word. You English invented a confounding language with some bizarre grammatical rules.

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