Shibori in the sunshine

To celebrate the start of summer at last, yesterday I set up a two-gallon indigo vat in the garden, watched by a curious frog in the pond.

I followed Cally‘s recipe for a strong vat, as I wanted to experiment with dyeing cotton gauze for making nuno felt. Because the weave is far too open to stitch it on its own, I tacked a piece of gauze to a piece of poplin and used a hexagonal stencil I bought from Cally to mark where the stitching should go. Then I stitched through both pieces, pulled up and dipped three times.


The pattern was much stronger on the poplin than on the gauze (which was very difficult to photograph), but I think the dark colour will work well against white felt.

I also tried my hand, not very successfully, at a mokune moon:

Finally, I tried a variation of mokune, or stitching in rows – but much more regularly rather than using stitches of random length – topped with a circle. The pattern reminds me a bit of a stained glass window in a church.



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