WordPress websites for makers and sole traders

Some of you may know that I’m not a professional textile artist – I wish! To help pay the bills I rely on my day job as a freelance editor. Although I started off in print, over the past couple of years most of my work has been working on websites for small voluntary and community groups.

I meet a lot of makers at markets and Makerhood events, and I was struck by how many don’t have a website. They know that it is important for them to have an online presence, but they’re intimidated by web developers and overwhelmed by the jargon and worries about how much it will cost to set up and maintain.

So I’ve decided to offer a WordPress website package to makers and other sole traders for a low price to help them get started. The basic package includes a consultation, three pages, written guides on how to change and update those pages, and two months of online support after the website goes live. There’s a sample site here that shows how the structure might work and gives more detailed information.

I should emphasise that this is a simple site (no bells, whistles or Flash), but it can link to shops like Etsy or Folksy as well as Facebook and Twitter accounts, and the blog element of the site lets you post updates about new products and events (or indeed use it as a blog if you want!).

So if you know someone who wants a straightforward website for a great price by someone who knows what they need, tell them to contact me!

[Blatant plug over – normal service to be resumed next time.]


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