Lying fallow

I haven’t been doing much textile work recently, as I’ve been working on a couple of writing/editing projects.

Also, after the loss adjuster had gone through all the tendering process, approved the costs and issued a contract for the work on our house after the flood, it went into administration. So although the redecorating was supposed to start last week, we’re now hoping it will start next week.

But before that a removal company is supposed to come and empty four rooms and put everything into storage, so I probably won’t be able to do much textile work until the job is finished.

On top of that, I’m going to be a volunteer Games Maker for the Paralympics, starting on Wednesday until 11 September! So posting is going to be a bit sporadic for a few weeks until life (and the house) return to normal.

Looking forward, I am going to be taking part in Lambeth Open on 6 and 7 October, at the Portico Gallery. I’m going to focus on indigo pieces for this, so expect some felt vessels and “prints” on paper and fabric. I’ve tried mounting some of the indigo paper and I’m quite pleased with the results.


Edited to add:

In response to Hilary’s comment below, I should have said that the bottom print was done by binding fabric in loops (as in conventional tie dye) and then wrapping the fabric on a pole on top of a piece of paper. So the fabric itself was used as a resist, if you like – the print was the marks that were left on the paper once the fabric was removed. The fabric is pictured below.

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Flextiles uses shibori, ecoprinting and felting to create original, one-off upcycled pieces. Extending the life of a garment by an extra nine months reduces its environmental impact by 20-30%.

8 thoughts on “Lying fallow”

    1. Hey Mil – thanks for stopping by! Very sorry we didn’t make it to lunch on Sunday: we were trying to see if it was possible to get rid of stuff at a car boot sale before the decorators start.

      Would love to see you at Lambeth Open if you can make it!


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