Too much night, again

Pae White describes her latest work at the South London Gallery as a “3D textile supergraphic installation piece”. I’d say it’s like walking into an enormous Spirograph pattern.


Miles of acrylic thread are wrapped around nails to spell out the words TIGER TIME and UNMATTERING on the walls – and then extend across the gallery. For visitors it’s like wandering through a vast geometrical spider’s web.


From a distance you get the impression of red and black, but up close you realise there’s blue, purple and pink too. Apparently the palette was inspired by Black Sabbath’s Master of Reality album, which frightened Pae White as a young child.


Too much night, again, runs at the South London Gallery until 12 May 2013.


4 thoughts on “Too much night, again”

    1. Ah – I forgot about my music anorak follower! 😉

      Not being a metal fan, I’ve had to look up the various covers of Black Sabbath albums – and I don’t think Paranoid does match the palette (too pink/orange).

      I’ve also gone back to look at the exhibition guide, which says: “The use of purple and black yarn is also significant, the colours being those on the cover of Black Sabbath’s Master of Reality album, a copy of which White remembers having terrified her so much when she was a child that she had to hide it under her bed to be able to sleep.”

      So maybe it was the music that terrified her rather than the cover? I don’t see how typography can be that scary.

      Black Sabbath's Master of Reality

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