Curious Exchange

Curious Exchange

I’m taking part in the Curious Exchange, “Dulwich’s own curiosity shop with a difference”.

It’s curated by artists Jane Millar and Fran Burden, who are creating an initial “Cabinet of Curiosities” of over 150 objects made by various artists. Anyone can then bring an object they have made to the Curious Exchange and swap it for work by another maker.

Each piece is photographed and recorded, as the exhibition will (hopefully) be constantly changing as pieces are exchanged. You don’t have to be a professional maker to take part – the only condition  is that the work mustn’t be bigger than 20cm in any dimension.

I contributed one of my small felt pots made with indigo-dyed cotton gauze. It will be interesting to see what other people make and take!

felt gauze pot

The Curious Exchange is open to the public from 10 to 19 May, 11am-5pm, in the original entrance to Dulwich Leisure Centre on East Dulwich Road, London SE22 9HB.


6 thoughts on “Curious Exchange”

    1. Thanks Plum! As one of the opening exhibitors I have to wait until the last day (19 May) to take something away, so you’ll have to wait a while!

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