Shibori fat quarters

Much of my work is bought by fellow makers, perhaps because they understand the time and effort that goes into creating it.

With this in mind, I thought I would try selling shibori fat quarters at the Women in the Cloth exhibition in East Dulwich. Previously, I’ve made pouches, pencil rolls and purses from shibori-dyed cotton, but if I’m honest, I much prefer making the fabric to making the final item. Plus the tension on my (very ancient) sewing machine is up the creek at the moment, so I haven’t been able to sew anything anyway.

shibori purses and pencil rolls
Purses and pencil rolls made from shibori cotton

I was a bit wary, because you can buy fat quarters online extremely cheaply – though of course these are all commercially printed, rather than each one being created by hand. But I still wondered whether people would be willing to pay more for a unique piece that they wouldn’t see anywhere else.

So I made a selection of 10  stitched, clamped, wrapped and bound fat quarters to see how they would go – and sold eight of them! The stitched ones in particular went very quickly – and of course they take longer to make. So rather than charge a flat rate I think I may have to price each one individually, or sell them in bundles containing a mixture of techniques.

Here are some pics of the latest batch.

shibori fat quarters shibori fat quarters shibori fat quarters


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