Curious Exchange part 2

Today was the last day of the Curious Exchange, so I went along to East Dulwich to choose an item to take away. I was a bit worried that because it was the end of the event there wouldn’t be any good items left, but that wasn’t the case.

I was a little disappointed when I arrived to see that nobody had taken my felt pot – but while I was there another artist, Sally Ashworth, who works with glass, chose it to take away. So we had a little chat, and I encouraged her to find out more about Makerhood. By coincidence, another visitor chose Sally’s piece while we were there!

I then had to choose what I wanted. There was quite a variety of items, as the pictures below show.

curious exchange4 curious exchange3 curious exchange2 curious exchange1

I was very taken with this cowrie necklace, but under the rules of the exchange you have to choose something of similar value to the item you contributed, and my little felt pot apparently didn’t match up. 😉

cowrie necklace

I was tempted by a small pouch made from antique Japanese kimono fabric (it’s on the top left of the third photo above), but in the end I went for a small tapestry (seen in the second photo above and below) by Maya Oppenheimer.

curious tapestry

A very satisfactory exchange I’d say!

After that we wandered the streets of Dulwich looking at street art inspired by pictures in the Dulwich Gallery – part of a Dulwich Festival event called Baroque the Streets. This included a whole house that had been taken over by the street artists, who had decorated (and I use the term loosely) the whole interior (and part of the exterior as well).

Ever thought of creating toadstools and textured walls with expanding foam? Me neither – but I think it’s very effective. 🙂

dulwich street art2 dulwich street art1

I also loved the textures of this sculpture – not sure what it’s made from, but I think it could be polymer clay. It made me start thinking about alternative methods for felt nautilus – again!

dulwich street art 4dulwich street art 5


6 thoughts on “Curious Exchange part 2”

  1. I loved Baroque the Streets Kim – what a curious spectacle to see as part of the Dulwich Open House event. Quite out of character, but a great addition. I bought a poster signed by ‘RUN’, one of the artists who paints on walls around the world. Who knows, maybe his work will be worth a fortune one day?! In the meantime it’s going in a clipframe in my utility room, as it goes with the colours well. So much to see in South London all the time. Brilliant!

    1. Carol – I didn’t realise you’d been to Baroque the Streets as well – we could have met up! Maybe your RUN poster will keep you in your old age! 😉

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