Shibori bonanza

I’ve been continuing my experiments with overdyeing other colours with indigo, mostly on scarves I’ve picked up at markets and charity shops.

Here’s a selection.

shibori woodgrain scarf
This was a heavier woven brown/bronze silk scarf, so I stitched most of it to produce a woodgrain (mokune) effect. Even after washing and rinsing, the ridges produced by the stitching were still evident, so I just pressed the ends but left the central part unironed to keep the texture.

shibori brown scarf
Another brown silk scarf in lighter pongee silk (looks better and more subtle in real life than in the photo!).

shibori pink shawl
Very sheer raw silk pink scarf, clamped and dyed – very difficult to photograph!

And here are some more conventional blue and white pieces.

shibori mineral scarf
Arashi (pole-wrapped) pongee silk scarf
shibori spiral
Shibori spiral (stitched on cotton)



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