Felt corsage

A few weeks ago at Making Uncovered, when I was demonstrating how I make felt pots and purses, one of the visitors asked if I could make her some felt flowers to wear on her coat. I said that a corsage would be no problem, and helped her to pick out the colours she liked.

She then drew a sketch for me of what she required, and it turned out that she wanted three flowers of different sizes on stalks, along with two leaves.

This, I discovered, was trickier. The flowers couldn’t be too large, as the size of the overall piece would be enormous and the stalks wouldn’t be able to support them. I used three layers of felt for each flower head, but working on this relatively small scale was a bit fiddly.

After that I made the stalks and leaves, which I managed to felt together without problems. Attaching the flower heads to the stalks was more challenging – a felting needle, together with conventional needle and thread, came in handy here.

felt corsage felt corsage felt corsage

The final difficulty was where to attach the fastener. Putting it on the thickest part of the stalk didn’t work, as the weight of the orange flower meant it tended to flop over slightly. In the end I sewed on two fasteners – one on the back of the orange flower and one on the stalk.

felt corsage

Let’s hope the customer likes it – and doesn’t change coats too often! 😉


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Flextiles uses shibori, ecoprinting and felting to create original, one-off upcycled pieces. Extending the life of a garment by an extra nine months reduces its environmental impact by 20-30%.

8 thoughts on “Felt corsage”

  1. Love your blog, and the corsage is very cute. I make felted flowers too and switched to neodymium magnets (the super strong, “rare earth” ones) so the pin won’t damage the garment. I attach them by enclosing the magnet in a little fabric packet then sewing it to the flower. Glue is ok but the packet is nicer. It’s a bit more work but such a nice touch…I get my magnets on the interweb.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely work.

    ~ Nancy

    1. Nancy – thanks for the tip! This is the first flower/corsage I’ve made, so all advice gratefully received. 🙂

      Do you have to sew a magnet into the garment as well?

      1. The other magnet is free so the wearer can put the corsage where she wants…it stays stuck to the one sewn onto the corsage when it is not being worn. They are so strong you have to be careful when working with them, if they get too close they fly back together!

        ~ Nancy

  2. Remember to enclose magnet warnings when using these for items that are for sale.
    A customer with a pacemaker is at risk wearing it,plus if you put it on a bag your creit cards are at risk,children should never be near magnets.

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