Indigo and Shibori by Kim Winter

How exciting – Felting and Fiber Studio asked me to write a guest post about my work with indigo and shibori. So here it is for your delight and delectation. 😉

Many thanks to Ruth for the invitation – it was fun to look back and see what I’ve done!


Today’s post is by Kim Winter of Flextiles. Kim lives in London, UK and has been blogging about her textile experiments since 2011 after taking creative and experimental textiles at Morley College. I follow Kim’s blog and have found it very interesting so I asked her to write an article for us.

Type “tie dye” into Google and a mosaic of fluorescent spirals and sunbursts leaps out of the screen.

tie dye - Google Search

But try “shibori”, and the results are more subtle, largely (but not entirely) blue and white.

shibori - Google Search

Yet both are similar techniques – folding, binding, twisting or compressing the cloth so that parts of it are not exposed when it is dyed, resulting in very distinctive patterns.


The Japanese, as with so many craft forms, have developed the techniques even further, wrapping the fabric around poles before binding, using special devices for looping the thread around the cloth, or pulling up rows of…

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2 thoughts on “Indigo and Shibori by Kim Winter”

  1. Hi Kim, A great article on your work with indigo and shibori. Thank you for sharing your textile experiments with interesting information and beautiful photographs. I look forward to seeing more.
    Best wishes

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