David Evans printing blocks for sale

After I published the post about the Women of the Cloth visit to the exhibition about the silk printing company David Evans, Georgina Jay posted a comment asking if anyone would be interested in buying some David Evans blocks, as she had been given a couple.

This was an intriguing offer, which I had to follow up, so I asked for more information. I’d assumed that Georgina was connected with the exhibition, but she has nothing to do with textiles – she rescues stray cats and dogs in Suffolk!

It turns out that three months ago a friend of hers who was an antiques dealer died, and his wife, also a friend, was clearing out and offered her a load of boxes of stuff to sell to raise money for the animals.

In the box with the printing blocks was also a Christie’s catalogue from 27 November 1984, which details the history of the blocks and David Evans and is a good indicator of provenance.

The photos below show details of the different blocks, along with the pages of the auction catalogue on which they are mentioned.

Georgina is asking between £100 and £175 for each block – please contact her directly by emailing georginajay@btinternet.com or ringing 01473 737443 for more information.


2 thoughts on “David Evans printing blocks for sale”

  1. Fascinating to see some of these blocks still around. As a young art student I did a holiday job at David Evans in the mid 60s (I was born in Crayford). Then they still had an apprentice block cutter working in the studio next to the resident experts, amazing skills all around in the hand block printing room and the silkscreen printing sheds. I can remember being shown a huge storeroom with open shelves holding thousands of blocks – both recently made or repaired and also very old. I’d hoped they had survived (or at least some of them).

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