Dulwich Artists’ Open House this weekend

Just as all the election flyers finally stop clogging up my letterbox, I decide to go out and do some leafleting of my own. So after voting, it’s off to Herne Hill to publicise our event at Dulwich Artists’ Open House this weekend.

dulwich open house 2015

As well as my latest batch of upcycled indigo shibori scarves, I’ll have a few felt pieces, including a couple of experimental works: some felt boxes and an iPad case with felt “tiles”.

felt box felt iPad cover

The “tiles” are made of Jacob fleece, which I got at Wonderwool Wales, and which I’ve never used before for felting. The coarser texture makes a nice contrast with the blue merino base, but as fellow felter Carol has already pointed out, the tiles are likely to catch on things when you put it in your bag. So maybe I need to think about how to use this in another way! 🙂

Carol has also generously given me 1.5 Shetland fleeces to experiment with.

shetland fleece

Some of this is now soaking in the sink. Luckily, since acquiring a freestanding top-loading spin dryer, I no longer need to use the salad spinner to remove excess water from the washed fleece, much to ESP’s relief! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Dulwich Artists’ Open House this weekend”

  1. What’s wrong with a bit of wool in your salad? Raw food is all the rage, so a bit of raw fleece can only enhance the natural nature of it!!
    Enjoyed visiting your Open Studios event last weekend Kim – I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t been yet, as it’s open next weekend too – 16/17 May. I managed to get around 7 Open Studio venues and really enjoyed a sunny day mooching around south London. Stopped off too at the Centre for Wildlife Gardening in Peckham and Dulwich Park to see the Rhododendrons. Fab.

    1. Glad you enjoyed Dulwich Open – one of the disadvantages of taking part is that I can’t get round to see the work of other artists. 😦

      I’ll pass on your comments about raw fleece in salad, though I doubt that ESP will agree! 😉

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