Mother and Child: inspired by Hepworth

Just like the Richard Deacon exhibition, my visit to the Hepworth show at the Tate inspired me to try something different in felt.

Developing the previous “horned” shape, I extended the horns so that one curved inside the other, evoking the feeling of a mother protecting her child. Using two colours, I tried to create sharper edges at the borders and along the back of the curves, but this was only partly successful.

hepworth felt

Then came the tricky bit: I wanted to add some strings as in the Wave sculpture.

I experimented with several arrangements using loose thread, to see how it looked.

For the actual strings I used red linen thread. I thought about using wire, but wasn’t sure how to conceal the ends.

The advantage of adding strings to a felt piece rather than wood or metal is that you just need a needle rather than power tools to drill holes. The disadvantage is that , unlike wood or metal, fibre has a tendency to move, which creates problems when trying to set the tension.  🙂

It wasn’t too bad in the end, but next time it might be better to use wire!

hepworth in felt


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