Pillow Talk exhibition

I can now reveal that the snail pillow that featured in my last post was made for an upcoming event organised by the South London Women Artists (SLWA) and the Women’s Art Library (WAL).

Pillow Talk PV Invite

Called Pillow Talk: conversations with women, this pop-up women’s art reading lounge is a nomadic reading room steeped in the achievements and ambitions, stories and histories of women artists.

A selection of readings, cuttings and ephemera from the WAL collection will  be housed in a transparent geodesic dome furnished with art pillows by SLWA artists as seating. Visitors are invited to relax, read the material and to interact by sharing their own inspirations and histories, which will become part of the archive. These conversations with women contribute to a collective multi-layered memory of women’s art history and highlight the achievements of women artists.

The pillow artworks feature the work of 60 SLWA artists exploring diverse themes from the environment, science to politics, gender, memory and sex. They are sites of learning, contemplation, discussion and dissent as well as a place to sit.

My snail pillow was inspired by the idea of the nomadic library. Whereas snails leave a trail of slime, hopefully the library will leave a trail of inspiration, ideas and memories. 🙂

snail1 72dpi

Pillow Talk: conversations with women has its private view on Monday 14 March, 6.30-9pm, at Brixton East, 100 Barrington Road, London SW9 7JF. It is open for one day only, on Tuesday 15 March 11am-5pm.

After that it will tour to different locations in the UK throughout 2016 and will feature a colour ISBN catalogue.

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4 thoughts on “Pillow Talk exhibition”

  1. Meant to say, I thought your pillow was the best one! Not just saying that – it was technically far more accomplished than any of the others and stood out as a work of art, rather than a bit of sewing. No offence to any of the others! Obviously, the other technically advanced pillow was that of Joan kendall, Soulweaver and former Woman of the Cloth.

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