Felt workshops and Artrooms 2017

Well, I’ve just about recovered from the hectic weekend. We had a few problems with the borrowed gazebo at the Abbeville Fete on Saturday – it didn’t have any of the connectors for the poles so we couldn’t put it up.

After some humming and hah-ing (the weather forecast was looking good), Kes got her other half to bring a slightly broken gazebo from home. And thank goodness she did, because halfway through the afternoon a massive hailstorm broke, lasting for around 10 minutes. We got a little damp, but nothing compared with the drenching we would have received without any shelter!

As a result of all the running around, I didn’t get many photos, but here are a few shots of happy felt flower makers at the Brixton Windmill Festival on Sunday.

Felt flowers and phone covers

Carol and I will be running more felt workshops as part of the Streatham Festival on 9 July. In the morning you can make felt flowers, in the afternoon a felt phone case. With the Tate exhibition on Georgia O’Keeffe about to open, large colourful flowers are going to be very fashionable! 🙂


Both sessions are aimed at beginners, and we provide all materials. To book one or both sessions, just email womenofthecloth2012@gmail.com.

Felt seashells

I’m also running a workshop on making felt seashells on 23 July at Carol’s studio in Streatham. This is aimed at people who have some experience at felting with resists, not complete beginners.

felt seashells

In the morning you will produce two shells using resists provided by me to practise the technique. In the afternoon you can experiment with your own resists to see what you can come up with! Space is limited so please book on Eventbrite.

Artrooms 2017

Artrooms is an art fair held in a hotel, where selected artists are given a room each to display their work how they wish (within certain limitations, which include not trashing the room!).

Iteration 1

I’ve submitted a proposal to turn the bathroom into a grotto covered in felt shells – and need your support to help it happen. Don’t worry – I’m not asking for money! 😉

All you have to do is go to my profile page here, click on the stars (preferably 5!) and click “Submit rating”. You don’t have to register, give your email or anything else – simples! Thank you for your support – much appreciated.





11 thoughts on “Felt workshops and Artrooms 2017”

    1. Hi Ruth,

      Thanks for trying and I’m sorry you’re having problems. I just tried the link from my computer and it seems to work OK, albeit a bit slowly. Maybe voting is restricted to UK voters, I don’t know. In which case I hope they are more positive than the Brexiteers. 😦

      You could try clicking on this page instead http://www.art-rooms.org/2017-artists/ and then scrolling down until you see my name – might take a bit of time though!

    1. Thanks so much Ruth – both for being persistent and for voting! I’ve had problems with the page not scrolling as well, so good to know it’s not just me. 🙂

  1. If only I had a tardis… I live in Western Australia – I would LOVE to attend the seashells workshop.

    I enjoy reading your posts very much. Best wishes and many thanks.

    1. Thanks Betty! Unfortunately my profile is now saying that I have no ratings yet (nothing to do with you!). I have told the organisers and am waiting for them to fix it. Not a very good sign. 😦

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