Excavated dodecahedron – complete

Finally managed to finish the excavated dodecahedron!

First I made another six pentagonal units.

excavated dodecahedron work in progress

Then I stitched them together to form the second half.

excavated dodecahedron work in progress

Then I joined the two halves to form the complete dodecahedron.

complete excavated dodecahedron excavated dodecahedron

It is a little wonky – it was tricky to get all the pentagonal units exactly the same size. And some of the joining could have been neater, though it was tricky making the final joins, as I had no access to the needle on the back side.

But I’m pretty pleased with it as a proof of concept. 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Excavated dodecahedron – complete”

  1. it’s absolutely glorious! Because it is based on your tortoise design I am imagining lots of little tortoises have somehow got themselves into an amazing formation, and held their breath.
    I think another whole geometric effect would be created if you made the little pentagon cells with a concentric ring colourway, rather than the radiating stripes.
    Can’t wait to see what you do next! Keep doing what you are doing x

    1. Can’t get the image of a troupe of acrobatic tortoises out of my head now Harriet! 😂 The idea of different patterns is a good one, though a diver said this one reminds her of a coral skeleton. Thanks as ever for your kind comments and suggestions!

  2. Kim, this is fabulous. Wonky? Where?
    Joining these must have been an absolute nightmare – from what I can see you’ve done an amazing job….you must be thrilled with the end result.

    1. Thanks Antje. As you guessed, joining was a bit of a nightmare, especially towards the end! I am pleased with the result, but think I’m ready for a break from geometry for a while. 🙂

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