Felt Flextiles banner

I remember now why I stopped making felt scarves at home.

Trying to nuno felt a 2-metre piece of fabric on a dining table that is only 1.66 metres long is a considerable challenge. It’s easier at the later stages, when the wool has started sticking to the fabric and shrinking, but at the delicate prefelting stage it involves careful folding and manipulation of layers of bubble wrap, fabric and fleece, especially when turning it over.

But like childbirth (so I’m told – as I don’t have any children), the memory of the pain soon fades. So when I decided I needed a banner for my felting demonstrations at Makerhood’s Making Uncovered event next week, it seemed a no-brainer to make a piece of nuno felt, using my manly scarf method.

And then it all came flooding back – the swearing, the pools of water on the floor, and the general tearing out of hair.

Nuno felt Flextiles banner

The banner is made – but remind me to buy a trestle table before I attempt anything similar again!