Shibori purses and clutch bags

So I managed to make a zippered pouch. Next step in developing my sewing skills was to make some lined purses and clutch bags.

I started by sewing a shibori sample and the lining material together, right sides facing, leaving a small gap on one side. Then I turned them inside out and stitched up the gap.

This means that when I  sew up the sides, the stitches will show. I guess this might work, though with all the patterns going on already, I’m not sure what stitches and colours to use. Will have to think about this.



So then I wondered how I can sew it up all in one go so that I get a lining without any raw edges and the sides of the purse/bag stitched at the same time. After a bit of mulling it over in the bath (I always get my best ideas in the bath) and a bit of experimenting with scraps, I had my eureka moment!

I’m afraid I didn’t take photos as I went along – just the finished product. But more experienced sewers probably know how to do it anyway. I tried looking  it up online but didn’t know what terms to use – so if there is particular terminology, I’d be interested to know.

The two purses/bags above are closed by slipping a cloth loop, or rouleau, over an antique ivory bead. I was given a whole bag of these beads, of varying shapes and sizes, by June, my mother-in-law, who used to deal in antiques. She also has a collection of beautiful fragments of mother of pearl, which I would love to find a use for.