Nuno felting book review

I’ve not had much opportunity to make anything recently, but it doesn’t stop me reading about textiles. So the next couple of posts are going to be about books I’ve got hold of recently.

First up, Nuno Felting with Chrissie Day and Nicola Brown, which is a follow-up to their first book, From Felt to Friendship. I have to declare an interest here – both Chrissie and Nicola have been extremely supportive to me, offering useful advice and comments on this blog and elsewhere. I haven’t actually met them in person (people?) but hope to rectify that one day. 🙂

As the title suggests, this book focuses on the technique of nuno felting, or combining fabric with wool or other animal fibres. Although Nicola includes instructions for a simple first nuno felt scarf, this is not really a book for beginners – it’s best if you already know something about basic felting techniques and principles.

Where this book really scores is on providing inspiration to try new techniques to produce interesting patterns and textures (Chrissie’s deconstructed screen printing and use of needle felt and even jute, Nicola’s use of synthetic fabrics, felt beads and alpaca).

Nicola also explains a couple of techniques to help speed up the nuno felting process – which is great for me, as I’ve so far avoided making large nuno felted pieces as I get so exhausted! Unfortunately I don’t have a tumble dryer, but I’m tempted to get one now to save hours of rubbing and rolling. 🙂

Something else I haven’t attempted so far is making felt clothing. Chrissie’s section gives lots of ideas and advice on this, especially on how to calculate shrinkage. And when you buy the book you can email her for free templates in your size of the garments that she includes.

In short, lots of ideas for experimenting from two of the most committed and passionate felters I know.

Nuno Felting costs £22.30 as a paperback from Blurb. It’s also available as a hardback (£38.15) and an ebook (£14.99).


Chrissie’s kindness

Great excitement this morning when I picked up not one but two parcels from the sorting office. They were from Chrissie, who has not only lent me some foot lasts, but was also kind enough to include a small present – an undyed mixed media pack, including silk cocoons, silk throwsters’ waste, silk rods, bleached mulberry bark, skeleton leaves and silk threads.

Most of these I’ve never used, so I’m really looking forward to experimenting with them. Thanks so much Chrissie!