Chrissie’s kindness

Great excitement this morning when I picked up not one but two parcels from the sorting office. They were from Chrissie, who has not only lent me some foot lasts, but was also kind enough to include a small present – an undyed mixed media pack, including silk cocoons, silk throwsters’ waste, silk rods, bleached mulberry bark, skeleton leaves and silk threads.

Most of these I’ve never used, so I’m really looking forward to experimenting with them. Thanks so much Chrissie!

Slippers revisited

One thing I completely forgot to say in my previous post is that when things don’t work out, it’s amazing what support you receive from the online community – most of whom are people you have never met in person!

Original "honey monster" slippers

In an earlier post I described how my first attempt at making felt slippers wasn’t a huge success. Lo and behold, Chrissie Day, an experienced felter who has written several books, popped up to give advice in the comments. So I bought her book Felt Style, ordered some polystyrene foot lasts, and had another go.

Slippers on forms after initial rubbing

I covered the lasts with clingfilm, slipped them into my “honey monster” slippers, and wet, soaped and rubbed until the slippers fitted the lasts well. I have to say it was so much easier rubbing the slippers with the lasts inside, as it gives something to rub against.

Then I slipped a pop sock over each one, tied a knot at the top, and put them in the washing machine with a bath towel at 60°C.

Slippers after the washing machine

As you can see, the slippers are a much better shape, and the ridges are less  prominent (though I can still feel them). They are still a little big lengthwise (size 5 rather than size 4, I reckon!), so I think I need to make the original template a bit shorter. But with an adornment or two, I think these are now perfectly acceptable footwear!

So huge thanks to Chrissie for her advice and support on this. The kindness of strangers never ceases to amaze.