Possible new Christmas products

OK – it’s still August, but I’ve been trying out some ideas for possible new products for Christmas.

The indigo scarves are always best sellers, and hopefully I may have some eco printed or rust scarves available this year too. But it would be good to be able to offer more felt products at reasonable prices.

I sold a fair number of felt iPad/Kindle pouches last year, though probably not as many as I would have liked, given how popular this technology is. 😉 Mostly I add interest by adding fabric (nuno felt) or prefelt cut-outs, like these Matisse-inspired pouches.

matisse ipad pouches

So I thought about adding more 3D effects.

3D ipad case

However, this takes considerably longer so I would have to charge more, which may not be feasible in the current market.

Verdict: Possible, but maybe when the economy is a bit stronger.

Scarves are always popular at Christmas, so what about some felt ones to increase my product range?

ruffle scarf sample

I tried a sample ruffle, but wasn’t happy with it. The colours of the sample don’t work together very well, but even if they did, I just don’t think I’m a ruffle person.

Verdict: No go.

Finally, I tried a scarf based on paper garlands I used to make as a child. You fold a sheet of paper in half lengthways, then cut into it from alternative sides before opening it out.

paper garland

I adapted the idea slightly and came up with this cutwork scarf.

cutwork scarf cutwork scarves

This was much more to my taste. 🙂 And by using different colours in each layer, you get a lovely sandwich effect when you cut through.

cutwork scarf cross section

Just have to make sure it’s fulled really well to avoid having to seal lots of edges! 🙂

Verdict: I’m going to make a few of these and see how they go.

Let me know what you think – I’d be interested in your views!

More markets

Enough experimenting this week – tomorrow and Saturday I’m going to be at markets with items that people might actually want to buy! So here are some felt slippers, iPad covers and Kindle covers.

Tomorrow I’m going to be on the Makerhood stall at the Royal Festival Hall on the South Bank. It’s a market that’s part of the Women of the World Festival, and it’s free, so come along and say hello if you’re around. And despite the name – blokes are welcome! 😉

Then on Saturday I’ll be at the monthly Makers’ Market in Brixton. The weather forecast is for a warmer day than the last two markets in January and February, which were absolutely freezing. Top tip: standing on a flattened cardboard box really does help insulate your feet when it’s cold!