Windy photo shoot

As I don’t have a mannequin at home, I took some of my new scarves into college on Tuesday with the aim of taking some shots to upload to my Makerhood stall.

This proved to be quite challenging, especially with the silk shibori scarves, on a very windy fire escape! Some pins helped, but the mannequin itself blew over several times.

So there was a lot of hasty clicking at the moments the wind died down enough to let me get a reasonable shot!

However, I managed to get some pics in the end.

shibori sill scarfshibori sillk scarfshibori silk scarf

The knitted woollen scarves were heavier, so they were a little easier to snap.

red knitted scarfwhite and blue knitted scarfblack and red knitted scarf

After all that, I also had time to start making some of the shibori cotton pieces into pencil rolls.

shibori pencil rollsshibori pencil rolls

The production line is in full progress!