Felt snail shells

Here’s my first attempt at making some felt snail shells.

The resist was based on a logarithmic spiral cut from plastic, and I had to cut small holes in the back and poke my fingers in to open the inner coils. The coils in the centre were also not defined very well, so I added some stitching (paper string on the larger one and lambswool on the smaller one).

However, in the centre, the shrinkage of the felt has made it too tight, so I decided I needed to use a bigger resist. This time I stitched the coils, using wool, after prefelting and before fulling.

The difficulty with all these shells, however large, is getting access to the centre coils to open them up without cutting holes.

Yesterday my new prodder arrived from Niki and Niki, which may help in reaching some of the inner parts of the outer coils, but still won’t reach the centre. Ladies, can’t you make some kind of flexible prodder that will go around corners? 😉