Alien pod update

Last week I wrote about my first unsuccessful attempt to make some nested felt vessels, aka the alien pod project. 🙂

Well, I had a second unsuccessful attempt at the weekend. I altered the shape of the resist to make the area where the two halves joined narrower, and after cutting the felt to remove the resist I turned over the thinner layers of felt and stitched them to try to create a firmer lip. But in doing so I inadvertently made the bottom of the resist slightly wider. The result is that the alien looked as if it was in a bathtub rather than a spaceship! 🙂

alien pod1

I decided from this that my fantasy of having a completely smooth join was unlikely to happen, as once you cut the pod in half, each half will shrink slightly differently and they will never join up “seamlessly” anyway.

So this week I tried using separate resists for the top and the bottom, making the bottom slightly narrower so that the top can slide over it easily.

The alien now sits in a much more tailored pod.

alien pod3alien pod2

Just have to decide now how many layers to make!


4 thoughts on “Alien pod update”

  1. ALIEN PODS 🙂 So thrilled to see these photos. Brilliant piece of problem solving. Lots of luck with the next layers

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